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So you want to go to people of unwritten languages, learn how they speak and think, translate God’s written word, teach them to read it, and teach them to observe all that Christ commanded us?

How do you go about that?

There are two ways to learn something:
1) Through the trial and error of the school of hard knocks, or
2) Through people who have been there and lived to tell about it.



How do you pay for going to a faraway place and living there long term when you have given up your home, supporting church, friends, and possessions to go do that?

How do you find a house, transfer funds, and navigate governments to live in a foreign country?

How do you learn a foreign language?

How do you find out the best place to go to tell people who have not heard the Gospel?

How do you overcome geographical and logistical barriers to survive in a remote location on earth?

How do you meet the needs of your family while living among a group of people who have completely different ideas, ways of living, and methods of surviving?

What is the objective of our mission?

How do we know when our mission has been accomplished among a particular language group of people?

How do you take people who know nothing of the God of the Bible and give them everything they need to join us in establishing thriving, actively reproducing churches among unreached people groups?

Where do you start?



How do you take the next step?

Wayumi is a Bridge – https://ethnos360.org/magazine/stories/wayumi-is-a-bridge

How can I support this work with my skills?

How do language groups respond to missionaries?


How did the Mouk people respond later?

How do missionaries go about establishing a thriving church today?

What you can do

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