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Eternal life is real.

It has been provided by Jesus Christ, the third person of the triune Creator God, who came to earth as a man to pay the penalty for sin and redeem us.

Everyone who believes Him receives eternal life as a gift.
(John 3:36, 1 John 5:11-13)

He himself is the treasure. Those who do not know Him cannot know how great of an understatement that is. The identity of Jesus is the undergirding of the foundation of every good and perfect gift.

Before He laid the foundations of the earth, God knew each person by name. Therefore each person has immense value to Him. He created each one for an eternal relationship with Him through believing Him. Believing Him normally comes through a person who has heard Him loving Him and caring enough to tell another what He has said.

There are people who will not hear the Good News about Jesus Christ unless we who have already been told do something to tell them.

I have been near many situations where people died, perished, just months before their missionaries, their messengers, were capable of communicating the Gospel to them in a language they understand.

What if the missionaries, their teams, and their churches had moved months earlier to bring the Good News?

Often thoughts such as these are discounted as taking responsibility for the sovereignty of God. “It was God’s timing.” “That’s a responsibility you cannot bear.”

Yes, it is true that God is in control. It is also true that we bear responsibility for our own inaction or delayed response to His clearly revealed written word and the leading of the Holy Spirit toward a specific course of action.

God is good. Eternal life is real. Everyone needs to know the truth. A lot of people have never heard the truth. They need the information to see the truth for themselves. Those of us who have heard are responsible to tell those who have not so that they can see that God is good.

This body will expire, but God’s message to man, the Bible, makes clear that the death of the body is not the end.

The uniqueness of each individual, made in the image of God, is eternal.
Eternal death (separation) is also real.

Will we each persist in life and community, engaging in all of God’s goodness, or in death (separation) and isolation as all that is evil?

This the choice we all face while on this earth in this body. Life or death? Good or evil?

In the context of loving other people and dealing with our own personal unrighteousness, the Bible says, “This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” 1 John 1:5

Will we believe God and embrace His goodness or choose a lie and persist in rebellion against all that is good?

Those of us who have heard about God’s goodness, and embraced His promises, believe that everyone on earth should at least hear about God’s lavish grace and forgiveness which has been extended to each person through faith in Jesus Christ (that is, by believing Him).

Lost people are everywhere. As believers we glorify God locally and abroad through holy living, evangelizing the lost, leading people into right relationships, equipping the saints for ministry, caring for widows and orphans, healing the sick, assisting the poor, restoring the broken, lifting up the downtrodden, freeing the captives, standing for truth, supporting justice, and promoting goodness.

Where the church does not exist, where there are no believers in Jesus, these things are not happening.

Establishing thriving churches of Christians means bringing constant light, and continuing outreach for Christ. Through discipleship outreach will endure long after the missionaries are gone through the people who believe and obey God’s Word.

About 2500 language groups of people
have never heard the Good News
about eternal life through believing Jesus Christ.

We think it is only right that someone should tell them.

The question is: Who will respond to do so?


Is this a task that is important? What use of our time and resources should we release to be able to engage in this objective?

Like a budget, this is painful but necessary for accomplishing the objective.

We work together…
— one person at a time
— one church at a time
— one language group at a time
for the glory of God
and the rejoicing of many.

For all things are for your sakes, that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God.
2 Corinthians 4:15 & John 17:21

May we all act with urgency and complete dependence upon the Holy Spirit to engage intentionally and promptly to minister His grace to those yet untold; just as other people have ministered to us.

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